New World Murder (EP)

by BerserkerfoX

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BerserkerfoX return with their second studio EP, NEW WORLD MURDER, released March 11th via Ovis Records (Norway). Produced by BerserkerfoX and mixed by Chris Themelco at Monolith Studios (Melbourne, Australia), the release is a raw, introspective, relentless assault on the senses that comes from an Australian band pushing the boundaries of death metal.

NEW WORLD MURDER is 4 cuts of aggresive death metal about anarachy against the cold, cut throat world we live in. The lyrics stem from a deep-seated fascination with underground and alternative issues around the greed of corporations, the way they blind us with repetitive marketing techniques, government certified chemicals in our food, satanic symbolism and ancient archaeology from Egypt.


released March 11, 2012

Written, produced and recorded by:

Additional vocal engineering and
recording assistance by Michael Taverner @ The Brain Studios

Mixed and Mastered by:
Chris Themelco at Monolith Studios

Artwork by Simon Clark.
Check out more incredible artwork from Simon at

Distribution by Ovis Records (Norway):

special thanks to tom hansen at ovis records, tom valcanis, danica webber, our women (katalin, stacey, ashlie and lauren) for keeping us in line, oscar’s hand and guan-di the patron saint of beancurd.

Dedicated to Simon 'Tommo' Thomson,
when the Zombies come we're going to be fucked without you.




all rights reserved


BerserkerfoX Melbourne, Australia

A fiery masala of raucous melodic death metal from Melbourne, Australia. NEW WORLD MURDER, the new EP from BerserkerfoX out everywhere 11th March, 2012.

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Track Name: Inviare de Vedas
They came down from Above as archaeology shows thousands of years ago. This is the book that fell from the skies.

I want to see the truth but the leaders wont let me. Any questions asked are regarded as invalid and I am told to believe what they themselves believe.

One of the oldest languages on the planet, where did it come from?
The life forms like gods and Angels?

The Gift from above needs to be questioned.

Search for another view

The Monotheistic View Plagues our minds.

The Spirit World is washed away.
Track Name: The Monopoly
The Corporation
One hundred and some fifty years ago such a thought was invalid.
Today the corporation controls as we are
Zombies Hypnotized.

They are here to crush all who have a revolution and steal it
Your magic is destroyed and raped.
Weaken the quality and sell.

Sell Sell, you are not blind.
Pills Pills, your wonders being.
You have become Destroyed.

Harmed, Ruled, Culled, Conform.

I will open your eyes
Wake Up, there is no time left.
Dont let The Corporation close your eyes.
Track Name: Digging Your Own Grave
Digging your own Grave
Commercialise, To Dumb our minds

6 2 1, You're breeding Alzheimer’s
Parkinsons, Along with Huntingtons

The Flavour of your own Demise
Imported Death before your eyes

They hide it so there's no questions asked.
You'll never know it until you stop

They try to cloud our minds with certified poisons.
Propaganda you see in newspapers and TV.

I’ll never dig my own Grave.
I will not consume.
Track Name: Profits of Revelation
Profits of Revelations
The Future isn’t far, there have been visions and
predictions of what will destroy this pathetic world.
Revelations are near!
Could your Holy book be true?
it has been said time and time again by a number of Prophets.

The mayans but you look no further past the Cross.
You work for the beast
while Satanic Numbers laugh at you in Plain Sight.

I question everything cause Mainstream Media will never be the truth.

No longer Compromised by hearsays and
Profits for Prophets.
I will not let my self be manipulated.

Profits of Revelations.

Question funded funded fact as the Mainstream Media will never tell you the truth.